Helsinki Neighbourhoods Association Helka – briefly in English

Helsinki Neighbourhoods Association, i.e. Helka ry, is the focal point for 73 neighbourhood associations in Helsinki. Helka is politically and religiously unaffiliated non-governmental organisation. Helka’s values include openness, fairness, equality, community building and sustainable development.

Helka was founded in 1964. Its mission is to activate and bring together residents and local actors in the Helsinki City area. Central task of Helka is to convey information and to enhance dialogue between the City of Helsinki and its residents. With the ongoing support from Helsinki City Government Helka has established a city wide network of neighbourhood web pages, after over a decade of experimentation and pilot work.

Helka aims to strengthen diverse opportunities for local participation and interaction in Helsinki and is eager to share experience with anyone with similar interests (find contact info at the end). Contact information for the neighbourhood associations in Helsinki can be found in Helka’s home page under the heading Kaupunginosayhdistykset.

If you want to learn more about Helka or neighbourhood activities in Helsinki, please contact:

Mrs. Pirjo Tulikukka
Executive director, Helsinki Neighbourhoods Association
mobile +358 41 522 2071
email: pirjo.tulikukka[at]